Green cleaning means caring for your family and the world

I want to be green when I clean, but exactly what does this involve?

简而言之, green cleaning means cleaning in a way that’s not just safe for people and safe for the environment, but that’s also sustainable in the long term.

清洁 sustainably

Sounds complicated, but the concept is simple. It just means cleaning in a way that we could keep on doing, day after day after day — and in particular without draining the planet’s resources to the point that future generations couldn’t do the same.

事实是, in developed countries like the UK, we have lifestyles that would need the resources of several planets to maintain them, using today’s methods and technology. So we need to find ways of doing the cleaning using less resources, which means using less materials, less energy and less water for each job.

The real challenge

It won’t be a quick fix — it’s about making the whole cleaning job more sustainable, and then making it better still, 一次又一次. And it needs to be a 团队的努力 成功, because no matter how efficient the product or the machine, it depends on the person who is doing the cleaning to control how much of these resources are used each time.

The good news is we’re making real progress — sustainability has already improved dramatically, especially in the last two decades. But there’s still a long way to go. To find out more about how you can clean greener, click here.


In comparison, isn’t difficult. Manufacturers of cleaning products have a legal responsibility only to supply products that can be used safely and to provide use instructions and labelling where necessary to guide safe use. 产品是 风险评估 to ensure there will be no harm to people or the environment when they are properly used. So whichever product you choose, cleaning safely is really just a question of doing what it says on the pack. To find out more about how to be sure you’re cleaning safely, click here.

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