Hints and Tips

Green 清洁 Tips

 Green cleaning tips to help you clean and care for the planet

Here are some helpful tips to help you be green when you clean

  • Limit your packaging consumption by choosing concentrated products or refills and sort your waste for recycling!
  • 你知不知道? Older model dishwashers consume up to 40 litres of water per cycle, compared to the newer models which can consume as little as 15 litres.
  • When buying kitchen appliances, look for ones with an A efficiency rating.
  • 你知不知道? Turning the dial on your washing machine down to 30 degrees can save enough electricity in a year to make 2500 cups of tea!
  • To save water and energy, only run the washing machine and dishwasher when full.
  • Dry your clothes outside when possible.
  • Look for the Charter for Sustainable 清洁 logos:

When you see this logo on a product, it tells you that the product was made by a Charter member and goes above and beyond legislative requirements, in line with industry’s best practice. These products meet high sustainability standards for protecting the environment and promoting efficient use of resources e.g. through the promotion of concentrated formats. They comply with ambitious criteria set voluntarily by the cleaning industry association. To earn the logo, products must carry easy-to-understand consumer information on how to them in a more sustainable way.

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