Environmental Claims

Beware of misleading green claims

If more sustainable cleaning processes based on improved products, tools and equipment are to be widely adopted, they need to be promoted and their benefits communicated. 然而,越来越多的人担心,太多的“绿色”主张是误导或不准确的.


In 2011, Defra extensively revised and re-issued its “Green Claims Guidance” and commented as follows:

他说:“良好的环保声明准确地传达了产品的环境属性,帮助消费者做出知情的选择. Misleading, false, meaningless or unclear information can result in consumers losing confidence in environmental claims and labels in general; lead to unfair business competition; and discourage companies from making truthful claims.”

Defra’s guidance is designed to encourage good green claims, which they describe succinctly as “clear, accurate and substantiated”. They encourage companies to do this through the following three key steps. 我们为每个步骤总结了一些与专业清洁特别相关的要点:

  • Step 1- Ensure the content is relevant and reflects a genuine benefit
    • Be sure to consider the whole life cycle. 关注与产品或过程相关的最大影响. If a claim relates only to minor or single impacts, make that clear.
    • Ensure there is a real additional benefit. 如果它被其他领域的更大影响抵消了,不要声称它的好处.
    • 不要基于不常用的特性或成分.
    • 如果没有科学证据支持,不要通过暗示其他产品更有害来暗示一种产品是特殊的.
    • Ensure any comparisons with other products are fair and meaningful. Avoid implied comparisons.
  • Step 2 – Present the claim clearly and accurately
    • 确保以真实和准确的方式提出索赔,不会产生误导
    • Use plain language and information that is specific and unambiguous, avoid vague terms such as ‘green’, ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘eco’ etc.
    • Provide clear additional explanation where required
    • Use imagery which is relevant to the benefit
  • Step 3 – Check the claim can be substantiated
    • 持有支持主张的客观证据,可以充分追踪和引用
    • 请记住用户可能解释的方式,所以有证据支持这一点
    • 如果没有科学证据支持,就不应该提出声明


UKCPI已经起草并与Defra讨论了这些额外的指导意见,即将完成, it will be made available here soon. 这大大扩展和深化了早期BBIN注册登入“清洁产品领域的生物降解性和其他环境声明”的指导。.

Important points and issues covered in the Sector Guidance include:

  • Consideration of the whole life cycle, and focus on important impacts, 在专业清洁中提供真正的好处是特别重要的
  • Defra的指南规定,如果现有证据不支持,“绿色”清洁产品的声明不应暗示其他产品可能造成伤害. 行业指南提供了与已发表的BBIN注册登入各种成分的科学风险评估的链接. 声明暗示其他产品中的有害成分可能会造成伤害, without specific evidence of harm, would be misleading where these risk assessments conclude there is no risk.
  • 行业指南提供了解释潜在问题的指导和背景, BBIN注册登入清洁产品中经常出现的三个具体问题.Key points include:
    • Biodegradability:
      • 表面活性剂的生物降解性是有法律要求的,如果表面活性剂仅仅符合这些要求,就不应该做出声明
      • 为其他成分的生物降解性提供了指导
      • BBIN注册登入厌氧生物降解性的主张不被建议,因为科学评估表明这对环境安全没有什么意义
    • Claims related to hazards of ingredients
      • 这类索赔必须谨慎处理,因为危险本身并不是“影响”. If exposure is at safe levels, there will be no impact
      • 声称“更安全”或“危害更小”可能是一种误导,因为它暗示其他产品也会造成伤害, unless that harm is specifically substantiated.
      • 使用低危害成分的产品可以宣称提供更高的安全边际, provided the increased margin is significant and substantiated
    • ‘Natural’ and ‘Chemical’
      • 从自然来源获得的物质不应该被描述为“天然的”,这意味着它们不是由化学元素组成的, as are all substances, 它们没有化学性质或者它们不是
        (bio-)chemical reactions within natural processes
      • “天然”不应被用来暗示天然来源的产品或成分更安全,除非可以明确证明
      • 不要用“化学”这个词来表示贬义或暗示其他一些物质不是由化学元素组成的
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