不管是打扫办公室, 学校, 酒店, 医院或工厂, 使专业清洁更加 可持续发展的 is primarily about getting things clean using fewer resources for each job and doing it in a way which is 对环境安全 and safe and amenable for those doing the cleaning.

Read on to find out how cleaning supports sustainability, not least by 保护我们的健康,如何 优化性能至关重要,以及如何 不安全是不可持续的. 我们还会看 定义可持续性可持续发展——三大支柱,以及看到 大图片.


Some people think of 可持续发展的 cleaning narrowly as ‘green’, or ‘eco-friendly’, cleaning. 但这只是部分原因. 真正的可持续发展, processes such as cleaning need to achieve a balance that meets requirements and minimizes impacts across all 可持续发展的三大“支柱” -经济、社会和环境.


专业 cleaning uses a whole array of resources – equipment, 工具, 耗材, 能源, 水, 人等. To make it more 可持续发展的 means optimizing the mix so the process is as 可持续发展的 as possible economically and socially, 以及环境方面. 生命周期评估 is an important tool that can provide an overview of all the environmental impacts that arise from the process and from all the resources it uses.

Finding the right mix also means thinking first about ‘why’ the cleaning is being done, 明确定义需求. It also means thinking about ‘when’ cleaning is done so that those requirements can be met in the most 可持续发展的 way.

一旦清晰, 关键的步骤是选择正确的产品, 工具和设备, to choose suppliers who manage the sustainability of their own operations, and above all to conduct the cleaning process in a way that minimizes the major environmental impacts that arise or are determined at that stage.


这对可持续发展至关重要 清洗过程必须安全 -对做清洁工作的人来说是安全的, 对环境安全, 清洁过的物品必须对使用它们的人安全. 广泛的法规确保, when processes and products are operated and used according to instructions, 情况就是这样. Workpeople must be trained and managed to ensure this happens.


It’s essential that in looking to use fewer resources a good level of performance is maintained. 真正做到生态高效利用资源, cleaning processes must get things properly and reliably clean first time. If not, that could mean re-washing, or sometimes people overdose to try to compensate. Either way, if performance is poor the use of resources goes up rather than down. Poor performance can also undermine health and wellbeing and lead to items wearing out more quickly.


清洁和卫生对保护我们的健康至关重要, from microbes that can cause infectious disease and from allergens and other harmful agents we can encounter anywhere and everywhere in everyday life. 清洁 also helps keep our built surroundings as aesthetically pleasing as they were designed to be, 家具和面料舒适美观.

So it’s worth remembering that although cleaning consumes resources and generates environmental impacts, 清洁在许多方面都积极支持可持续性. 以及保护健康, 清洁使东西适合使用, 或者更新它们,让它们可以重复使用, 所以他们有一个经济的工作生活.

清洁 prolongs the life and performance of everything we use, renewing things and keeping them looking and functioning like new, 延长其使用寿命.


可持续性是BBIN注册登入我们的生活, 满足我们的需求, in a way that doesn’t undermine the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Ensuring that human society develops in a way that is 可持续发展的 for the long-term is a vital goal for the 21st century. Achieving this goal means making progress in a balanced way across each of the three main ‘pillars’ of sustainability — economic, 社会和环境.

  • 经济可持续性 清洁意味着拥有产品, 价格合理的工艺和设备, economic and reliable for those who use them as well as financially viable and providing stable employment for the people and companies who make them.
  • 社会可持续性 is about health and wellbeing — cleaning protects people’s health by preventing the transmission of infectious disease, and contributes to everyone’s wellbeing by keeping the places we live, 工作和娱乐都很吸引人,也很舒适. To be socially 可持续发展的, cleaning products and processes must be safe and amenable to use.
  • 环境可持续性 is about living within the resources of the planet and making sure the environment and wildlife are not harmed, either when they are made or when they are used and disposed of after use. Improving environmental sustainability is about reducing the environmental impacts across the whole life-cycle of the cleaning process.
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