Take Action Today

Take Action Today, Put Them Away home safety campaign

The Take Action Today, Put Them Away home safety campaign helps families learn how to use and store cleaning products safely, to prevent accidents at home. It is funded by the UK 清洁 Products Industry Association (UKCPI), and delivered together with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (报道).

The scheme features local launches, targeted to areas with high incident rates, where a handy magnetic notepad featuring key safety advice is handed out to families by health visitors and children’s centre staff. Other tools include a briefing pack, checklists and factsheets.

到目前为止, the campaign has reached over 20 areas of the UK, including Birmingham, 利物浦, 国王的林恩, 诺丁汉, 纽卡斯尔, 布拉德福德, Lincolnshire, Warwickshire and Northern Ireland, where over 400,000 families have been helped to prevent poisoning and eye injuries.

Take Action Today, Put Them Away advice to parents includes:

• Store household cleaning products out of reach of children, preferably in a locked cupboard 

• Always store chemicals in their original containers

• Never pierce or break laundry capsules or tablets

• Always close the lid of any product

• In the event of an incident, follow advice on the product pack and seek medical attention.


You can find more details in the RoSPA report on Take Action Today, Put Them Away, November 2018: Powerpoint Presentation

bbin视讯真人 the UKCPI on ukcpi@leaveyourcatathome.com 或打电话 01829 770055.